We are well suited to satisfy any and all unique logistics challenges. Our strategy as a third party logistics (3PL) provider is to work with our customers to ensure that the right material, gets to the right place, at the right time.


We provide logistics project management and the full range of supply chain services. 

Our Facility

We are located on a fully functioning logistics facility that has been in business for over twenty years.  In addition to the existing capabilities, there is tremendous opportunity for tailored growth to meet specific customer needs.  The compound is in excess of 50 acres, which allows for additional structures to be built to customer specifications if needed.


The current structures include five buildings, which provide in excess of 80,000 square feet of warehouse / storage space.  The buildings provide both loading dock capability for tractor trailers and drive-in bays for truck loading / unloading.  Although the facility is currently secure with locks and alarms, additional security upgrades are also possible if required (to include fencing, alarm enhancements, etc.).


The compound sits in an ideal location for logistics operations.  By road – the compound is within 15 miles of access to both a major east-west and a north-south interstate highway.  By air – the compound is within an hour drive to the Pittsburgh International Airport (which includes an Air National Guard Base that services C-17 flights).  By rail – the Canadian National rail line track runs through the compound.  Previously there was a rail spur for direct loading / unloading on the compound, which could very easily be reinstalled.  By sea – the compound has established routes that can easily serve all east coast US seaports.  Stuffing of sea containers has been performed on location.


Jimini Enterprise has a corporate umbrella structure that enables us to provide consultant and management services in supporting unique customer requirements.


Our corporate officers have over 100 years of combined Federal Government experience and over 50 years of US Military service and provide oversight and guidance of the daily operations. 

Our Corporate Board  fully understands the customer’s intentions and goals.  We understand both the logistical support requirements as well as the operational mission objectives.  In addition, our employees are US citizens who are experts in their field. There is also a local qualified field of talented potential employees, in a lower cost labor market, which enables us to quickly expand and grow in order to meet increasing customer requirements.


Also, we have a network of specialized contractors who we can call upon when needed.  For example, we have two logistics managers who have owned their own 3PL company for over 20 years, an experienced warehouseman/ forklift operator, an IT expert (to assist in computer and technology requirements), a retired senior NCO US Army nurse (to assist in medical related requirements), and a DoD ordnance specialist (to assist in firearms and ammunition requirements).  This illustrates our ever expanding network of full-time employees and part-time specialist contractors.

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