To fully satisfy any unique acquisition request, JIMINI has under its umbrella several corporations and LLCs – some of which are licensed as a wholesaler and one that holds a Federal Firearm License.  This capability enables us to choose the best suited company to satisfy your specialized requirements.  We have an extensive network of over 200 business relationships, allowing us to offer very competitive pricing.  Numerous accounts have been established with vendors that provide the following items:

  • office furniture , equipment and supplies
  • books and publications
  • tactical clothing and footwear
  • tactical equipment and field gear
  • firearms, ammunition, and firearm accessories (including several optic brands)
  • canine/veterinary supplies and equipment
  • safety equipment (ie: shredders)
  • medical supplies and equipment
  • gymnasium and fitness equipment
  • off road vehicles and trailers
  • IT equipment, hardware, and software
  • advanced computer and communication technology equipment
  • expendable items (batteries, filters, etc..)
  • tools
  • warehouse and industrial equipment 
  • many other commodities based on customer requirements


Our large compound allows JIMINI to lease space to our customers for both long or short term.  Everything from warehouse space to entire building(s) to outdoor storage of material is available for leasing.  The large compound also provides space for our customers to exercise their equipment on site.  We also have the capability to modify cargo to meet specialized customer requirements. For example, we can “kit” material in ready to use configurations to meet customer’s specific needs, or to modify cargo such as adding winches, tool boxes, spare fuel cans, etc. to vehicles to meet customer specifications.



We have partnered with a Landstar agent to satisfy global and domestic transportation requirements.  With over 1000 agents, 9,000 leased owner-operators, 14,000 trailers, and 44,000 other available capacity providers; Landstar’s network gives JIMINI greater flexibility making global reach unmatched in the industry. By leveraging this partnership, we can provide the full range of transportation services, door to door, including truck, air, sea, rail, and all associated customs brokerage services to satisfy our customer’s unique or specialized transportation requirements. For smaller more routine shipments, we have established business accounts with the local transportation hubs (FedEx, UPS).


Examples of other unique services provided to meet specialized customer projects include:


  • Developed a plan for disaster response to the hurricane relief effort in Puerto Rico including a design for an immediately deployable base camp package for 60 personnel.


  • Developed a plan for a drone helicopter supply delivery program.


  • Developed a plan for a tailored logistics program to satisfy the supply chain requirements of multiple independent companies – leveraging cost savings where possible, but maintaining full independence and compartmentation between the individual companies.